What Open Source APIs are used by SugarCRM?

Friend recently asked me what is all there under the hood in SugarCRM. Most programmers who come from J2EE and C++ background have a tendency to expect complexity as part of enterprise software.

Like something has to be hard!

List of APIs written by wonderful folks at SugarCRM and few coming from open source community:

Steps to remove dashlet from SugarCRM

Sugar administration section loads up sugar news dashlet and this caused annoyance to one of our customer.  I can see how this can be irritating for some users.

Here are quick steps to remove this dashlet:

Go to


Go to line 355 and comment out following line:


Not only you will avoid making call to external site but also remove unnecessary scrolling required to go to key administration features.

Sugar(y) Roundup From Around the Web

There is plenty of SugarCRM wisdom floating around. Tips and hacks are flying around. Great time to be a SugarCRM developer -

Email marketing campaign using SugarCRM

Performance and response time are critical issues. Fact that SugarCRM is written on LAMP affects performance characteristics. I think it makes it run faster, availability of good thriving LAMP performance management ecosystem helps.

How to consume Google Reader shared items with SugarCRM

Review of SugarCRM Developer’s Manual Authored by Dr. Mark Alexander Bai

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